About Us

John Kazanjian:

John gained a love and appreciation for rugs at a very young age. Born in Salt, Jordan in the early 1930’s, John’s father introduced him to rugs, produced in his homeland of Armenia. John’s father was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. He fled Urfa, Turkey as a teenager in the Ottoman Army before he could be captured. John was interested in the history of his country. During his seminary school education in the Armenian quarters of Jerusalem, John studied Armenian history and became interested in Armenian Carpets. John came to the US and settled in Villanova, PA in the late 1950’s, where he worked with his brother to gain priceless knowledge of these fine oriental rugs. Expanding his business in the 70’s, he moved his location to Haverford, PA. When his sons were ready to follow the tradition of selling these fine oriental rugs, he reopened the original location in Villanova, PA. John, known for his passion and extensive experience in oriental rugs, lead him to have the largest privately held collection in the area.

From time to time he will allow different institutions to display his pieces to educate collectors. “These rugs are truly works of art. Made by hand, they have outlasted owners and have been passed down from generation to generation. It is truly amazing to be able to touch a piece of history.”

Azad Kazanjian:

At a young age, Azad spent his weekends working with his father. This helped Azad to understand hard work and, most of all, an appreciation for these works of art. Azad graduated from Widener University, with a goal to work in the family business and take his new knowledge and apply it to today’s market. With the various changes of design and décor, Azad understands the needs of his clients. His approach is like very few have ever seen. “It is not about a pushy sales approach. Those days are over. We give our clients options and treat them like our family. We want our clients to shop with confidence and feel comfortable with what they have bought. Business is built on relationships and we don’t take advantage of these relationships.”